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In the name of God, the Almighty, the All-high

This is a revolution of tears.
This is a revolution of love.
This is a revolution of beauty.
Of eternal salvation.
A revolution of evolution.
Of the mind and the soul and the world as a whole.
Is a revolution.

A man making his eternal stand, his sister prostrating onto the sand
The tears, the pain, the chaos—insane; his beard once white and now bloodstained
His family slaughtered, their bodies now scattered,
The faces in front of him: once with him, now hating him.
A promise forgotten, he stood there abandoned, but no despair showed in his prayer
God was his only goal, saving Islam his only role.
With dhikr on his lips and a soul so extolled
The ground trembled when his head fell to the floor.
On that day, the skies wept blood.
“Husayn has been killed” was the cry, Husayn has been killed and this is his blood

Time at a standstill, this was their free-will.
Fire and chains; hunger and thirst.
A mother’s pain, a sister’s hurt.
Even in rags and chains, their dignity could not be taken away.
The walk of her mother; the talk of her father.
Her words raged in their ears, her face showed no sign of fear
They wanted to break her, so they tried to mock her, but all they could do was gawk when she said
“I see nothing except the beauty of God”
She said,
I see nothing but beauty.
And with these tears, nations will rise
And with these words the fire in our enemies dies.

The fire in our hearts over the love of Husayn, should be so strong it can’t be contained.
From the message of Husayn, there’s so much to retain
Justice, truth, and God must all be maintained.
And there is nothing they can do to hurt us, there is nothing they can do to stop us

And this is a revolution.
This is a revolution.

—– But this, today, this is not a revolution.

A nation of Apathy, we never get antsy. Our maximum sympathies are lacking humanity
The enemy laughs ever so gladly as we sit by idly doing nothing too fancy
Our gazes are fixed, our minds are Husayn, we want to be by his side, but our cries slowly subside
Consoling ourselves over the loss of Husayn, we shop till we drop and buy all these brand names
We think we’re okay, the best of mankind, little do we know we’re backing war-crimes
We’re dancing and laughing, in entertainment immersed.
But there’s Occupation frustration hunger and thirst
Oppression, subjection, a killer’s galore- the world has become everything deplored.

Another man crying, a prince in disguise, wondering how we can be so blind
He shakes his head and bides his time, waiting for us to finally realize
That these two men are one and the same, a message sublime, a leader divine
The lower we fall the higher we’ll rise, the brighter the moon the higher the tide.